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For a website to be a success, besides hiring experienced designers and Web programmers ?who make sure your site is attractive, communicative and easy to surf and load? it is important to have SEO’s. With their help, you can have a good positioning among the first places in search engines, such as Google, which means that many people will visit your site.

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A site is promotionally and commercially effective if many people visit it. Since most people use search engines when surfing the Internet, it is important to be among the first twenty ones, since they are the most visited ones. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) establishes guidelines to make search engines put a site among the first positions. Search engines index websites according to the quantity and quality of key words or phrases, which define the most important thing about a website —e.g. if a site sells cars, key words should be «car», «engine», «vehicle» and all the words related to it. Probably, users will write these on search engines.

Therefore, all the texts on a website (main text, titles, subtitles, hyperlinks, epigraphs, alternative texts) must have key words, in a coherent and not exaggerated way, for search engines ?such as Google? to place the site in the first positions. SEO experts provide a guide as regards the creation of really effective texts and guarantee a good positioning in search engines. Do not hesitate in hiring these specialists! If people visit your site, you will have a lot of benefits from the Internet.

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