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You can be really interested in having an efficient website for your company but you may not know what Web design really is. Firstly, and before stating this concept, it is necessary to point out the notions of website and Web page. Even though in everyday language these two concepts are used as synonyms, there is a difference between them. A website is a group of pages, i.e., a group of sections about a same topic and which are available on the Internet. Thus, in every website there are hyperlinks that take you to the different pages. Besides, there are websites of different dimensions ?a small company’s website, for instance, has few pages, whereas a larger company’s website has more pages.

What is Web design? It is a branch of graphic design in which different types of knowledge for the development of really effective websites are included ?knowledge about a site’s visual and textual elements, and knowledge about the best technologies to program it, animate it and make it easy to surf. The Web designer’s goal is to make communicatively clear, aesthetically attractive sites, which are easy to surf and to get access to, and which are able to represent the company’s values.

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Web designers know about graphic design as well as about programming and animation. However, many times graphic designers and programmers work together for the Web development, combining their knowledge. When creating a website, there are two parts that are combined and are related. On the one hand, visual presentation, the aspect related to the design of structures, the selection of colors, shapes, images and typeface the distribution of contents , and the inclusion of animated graphics, headers, bars, buttons, etc. On the other hand, website programming. Programming aspects and other technologies are essential for the design, since with them you can make the decisions regarding graphic elements. Thus, visual presentation and programming are the two parts of the same process which are simultaneously carried out. For instance, the selection of images, buttons and animated graphics depends on the time they take to load and how they influence the surfing.

We recommend that you hire professional Web designers or a team of specialists in Web development, since they are the ones capable of creating a clear, attractive, memorable site, which can represent your company, be useful for users, easy to surf and effective for e-commerce. Besides, if you already have a website, they are the ones to make truly shocking redesigns. A successful website is the one that wisely combines esthetic quality and online functionality. Thanks to these professionals, you will get benefits from the Internet in no time.

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